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Maximise your opportunities from Emergency Sound

ProAudium offers world-class technical support for every stage of a PAVA system project. Whether you are looking to choose the best equipment for a project, upgrade an existing system or provide a compliant maintenance service ProAudium has your back.

ProAudium can do the work for you or train and support your technicians.

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ProAudium’s Approach

Field-tested PAVA system services for when inexperience isn’t an option.

A malfunctioning life safety system can’t be ignored. Facing an emergency with a defective system risks lives and for those with responsibility for the system or building it puts careers and businesses in jeopardy.

Our approach provides specific, actionable skills for getting the best from a voice alarm system. Faults are quickly identified and solutions offered in easily understandable terms with clear implications should nothing be done. This increases your clients trust in you, making them more prepared to spend to resolve these issues and protect their job.

Expert solutions for estimators, installers and maintainers of all skill levels

ProAudium has decades of experience covering all venue types. We are experienced in emergency sound from the highest safety environments (offshore gas platforms, airports and power stations) to public places such as stadia, shopping centres and high rise office buildings.

We frequently work on systems neglected for many years needing fast solutions to get them working once more. We continuously improve our knowledge and skills by taking specialist sound and manufacturer training, doing our own research and by having regular discussions with the manufacturers’ technical staff.

How we help

PAVA system training and support that delivers results

Keeping your own team up to date is expensive, but it’s costly if you don’t. Voice alarm technology and the standards are fast changing. However, PAVA and emergency sound is all we do: we know the standards, we know the manufacturers and their products, and we know how to fault-find and maintain systems compliantly and effectively.

Guide you on equipment choice and system design improvements

Winning bids is tough. PAVA system manufacturers might give you a free design, but each manufacturers’ kit suits different types of venue.

Choose the wrong manufacturer and you will be too expensive. Win the project with the wrong equipment and the system will always be a drain, damaging your client and manufacturer relationships.

Back up your technical team

Manufacturers technical support is limited to their central equipment. Will they be honest if they discover they have made a mistake or get you to pay?

We are independent, we support you across the central equipment, field cabling and loudspeakers. We won’t hide from you a manufacturer design flaw and we can talk to them about it.

Pro Audium Installation Team

Do it for you

We are a flexible resource you use only when needed. We will wear your branded clothing so you save on training and paying underutilised staff.

We have honed our skills in fault finding and maintenance, we can fix and check systems fast and compliantly. We provide clear client friendly reports that drive orders for repairs and upgrades.