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100V Line - Why 100V Line is nothing of the sort

Demystifying 100V Line For PAVA Systems

A Guide for Every Good Fire Tech The two most popular ways of referring to a PAVA amplifier’s output are: 100V line and Constant voltage. For a long time these terms were a complete mystery to me, no explanation seemed complete. The two I heard the most, and still do, are: It’s the same theory as Demystifying <span class="has-yellow-color">100V</span> Line For <span class="has-yellow-color">PAVA Systems</span>

The 3 Impedance Meters You Need On Your Radar

The new PAVA standard BS5839 Part 8 came into force in October 2023. As part of your maintenance regime the standard now says to measure the impedance of every loudspeaker circuit. The relevant clause? 40.2 i) “All loudspeaker circuit impedances should be measured and compared to the previous year’s measurements (ideally using the same calibrated test The<span class="has-yellow-color"> 3 Impedance Meters</span> You Need On<span class="has-yellow-color"> Your Radar</span>

Marilyn Monroe Headshot - For PAVA System Testing

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By Measuring Background Noise Accurately Marilyn Monroe was never a size 16. This myth appeared when America switched its sizing system in the 1980s. Roughly a 16 to 18 size in the 1950s is the same as a size eight today. Marilyn’s dressmaker kept her measurements; her 22-inch waist would now be below a modern size zero! Unlock up to <span class="has-yellow-color">35% savings</span> on your <span class="has-yellow-color">PAVA system</span> quotation