The new PAVA standard BS5839 Part 8 came into force in October 2023. As part of your maintenance regime the standard now says to measure the impedance of every loudspeaker circuit.

The relevant clause?

40.2 i) “All loudspeaker circuit impedances should be measured and compared to the previous year’s measurements (ideally using the same calibrated test equipment). Any deviations should be investigated.”

That means for PAVA work, you need one but which one?

For those hoping to use their multi-meter you are out of luck

If you want some guidance on what to choose. Here’s a quick review of three.

How to use an impedance meter?

1. NTi Minirator MR-PRO has to be the swankiest option. It’s the James Bond of audio testing equipment, sleek and sophisticated.

2. TOA ZM 104A is a reliable workhorse. It’s Mr. Reliable, always there to get the job done without fuss.

3. Zircle – the new interloper. It’s like the quirky newcomer who wants to shake things up and make a statement.

On to their good and bad points.

Minirator – It does everything you need and more, the Swiss Army knife of audio testing.

However, with so many settings, it can feel like you are entering a secret code to get it working. Cue the Mission Impossible music.

It can be a little overwhelming if you don’t use it often. For those older readers, remember setting your VCR for Top of the Pops but recording Crossroads – much the same.

ZM 104A – Ah, the budget-friendly option and a hidden gem.

The old-style needle is tricky to read when your hands are holding the probes. Juggling act, anyone?

Also, you need to select the measuring range and convert impedance to watts. Where’s our trusty maths genius when we need them?

Zircle (bias alert – we make this in the UK) :

Ah, the fancy pants of the group. Autoranging, a digital display showing watts and impedance, and a walk test option. Your very own personal assistant who knows what you need before you ask.

However, it comes with a higher price tag than the ZM104.

And those probes? They have sharp points. Watch out, they mean business! Not for poking your colleague unless he forgets the tea.

i. z

So, there you have it – the swanky, the reliable, and the new kid on the block. Take your pick and let the audio testing adventures begin!

Are you baffled by the background noise accuracy for PAVA systems. Help is here.

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